New Microsoft ACR (Azure Committed Revenue) campaign 1 March-31 July 2021

Craig Gordon




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Craig Gordon, Head of Vuzion, writes …

CSP indirect resellers have the opportunity to earn an incentive payment of 35% on total ACR (Azure Committed Revenue) MoM (month-on-month) growth through Microsoft’s new ACR campaign, and which comprises two periods:

  • Earning period 1 March – 30 June 2021
  • Monitoring period 1-31 July 2021.

Partner eligibility:

All CSP indirect resellers in EMEA are eligible for this campaign, if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have an active MPN membership and remain compliant with the campaign terms.
  • Have enrolled in the Campaigns Incentive Program in Partner Center by 31 July 2021. If you’re not already enrolled in the Campaigns Incentive Program, you should receive from Microsoft an enrolment invitation email. You can find more information about this on the Microsoft Partner Incentives Resources website.
  • Provide banking and tax information, including account number(s), to be able to receive payments.
  • Be able to provide proof of execution (POE) and/or proof of performance if required by Microsoft.

Eligible products are:

  • Azure, Azure RI.

Please note that trials and unpaid subscriptions are excluded from the incentive program.

Customer segment:

SMB and corporate accounts are included:

  • Non Retail NRO
  • Enterprise Growth
  • SM&C Commercial – Corporate
  • SM&C Commercial – SMB
  • SM&C Commercial – SMB Default
  • SM&C Education – Corporate
  • SM&C Education – SMB
  • SM&C Government – Corporate
  • SM&C Government – Corporate Premier
  • SM&C Government – SMB

Example of an ACR growth incentive calculation:

CSP indirect resellers will earn an incentive payment of 35% on total ACR MoM growth under CSP, during the campaign earning period (1 March-30 June 2021).

  • Partner has total ACR of $1000 in March.
  • Partner has total ACR of $3000 in April.
  • ACR increased by $2000 from March to April.
  • Incentives of 35% is applied on the $2000 increase.
  • Partner is eligible to earn $2000 X 35%= $700 incentives earnings.

Monitoring period:

Microsoft will monitor ACR under CSO during July 2021 (the 30- day period following the end of the campaign) and will compare total ACR at partner level for July with that for June 2021. If ACR goes down in July, the decreased amount will be deducted from the total incremental ACR. Partners would therefore earn a reduced incentive earning.

For more information:

If you’d like more information about Microsoft’s new ACR campaign, call any of the Vuzion team on 0333 009 5890 or email