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Microsoft Inspire 2023, Microsoft’s largest annual partner event, has recently come to a close where many new features, apps and updates were announced. Furthering their AI ambitions, one of the most important announcements this year was – Bing Chat Enterprise.

70% of workers said that they would delegate as much work as possible to AI according to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index. However, using AI tools which were not made for business can put sensitive business data at risk.

Bing Chat Enterprise is Bing Chat but with data protection, so organisations can have peace of mind that as and when their workers are using it, their business data is protected and won’t leak outside their organisation.

Bing Chat vs ChatGPT

Before moving on to Bing Chat Enterprise, it is important to understand the significance of Bing Chat and the differences it has from ChatGPT – both are AI-powered chatbot services, but with different features and capabilities:

Knowledge and Information Retrieval:

  • Bing Chat is your go-to chatbot for accessing real-time information and web results. It offers up-to-date knowledge about recent events and provides the sources for its responses, improving accuracy and reliability.
  • In contrast, ChatGPT lacks knowledge of recent events and doesn’t offer sources for its responses.

Chat Modes and Customisation:

  • Bing Chat offers three distinct Chat modes: Balanced, Creative, and Precise. These modes cater to different preferences and needs, allowing users to fine-tune their experience.
  • Whilst, ChatGPT does not provide specific settings or fine-tuning options, it excels in customisation, versatility, and powerful integrations with various plugins.

Content Generation:

  • Bing stands out in content generation with its ability to produce images using DALL·E, adding a visual element to its responses.
  • On the other hand, ChatGPT is limited to only generating text content.

GPT Technology and Versions:

  • Both Bing Chat and ChatGPT are built on OpenAI’s GPT technology, but they use different versions of the model.
  • As of July 2023, Bing Chat operates on a testing version of GPT-4, while ChatGPT uses the older GPT 3.5-turbo model. To have access to GPT-4, ChatGPT users must subscribe to ChatGPT Plus.

Both Bing Chat and ChatGPT are based on cutting-edge AI technology and offer unique strengths tailored to different user preferences and requirements. Ultimately, as Bing Chat is integrated directly into Bing Search whilst ChatGPT is a standalone website or API, there are tasks you can carry out with Bing Chat that are simply impossible in ChatGPT.

Bing Chat Enterprise – commercial data protection included

Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise are both AI-powered chat modes that allow users to interact with Bing in a natural and conversational way. However, Bing Chat Enterprise gives organisations AI-powered chat for work with commercial data protection.

With Bing Chat Enterprise, user and business data are protected and will not leak outside the organisation as chat data is not saved, nor can it be viewed by others. Data is not used to train the models by Microsoft, therefore, whether a worker is researching industry insights, analysing data, or looking for inspiration, Bing Chat Enterprise gives them access to better answers, greater efficiency and new ways to be creative.

Access to Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Chat is open to all users who sign up with an account, making it easily accessible to anyone looking for a natural chat experience. On the other hand, Bing Chat Enterprise is tailored specifically for business users holding a Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, or Business Premium subscription. There will also be a standalone subscription for those who do not hold the above licenses but would like to use Bing Chat Enterprise.

Bing Chat Enterprise is available today and for those licensed to have Bing Chat Enterprise, the following criteria need to be met:

  1. It needs to be turned on by an admin as it’s currently set as default to be off. Refer to the Bing Chat Enterprise documentation to find out more. From 17 August 2023, this will be turned on by default.
  2. Licensed employees need to log in to Bing Chat Enterprise with their work email.

If the two above steps are completed, corporate users will then be using Bing Chat Enterprise with the knowledge that their data is safe and not going anywhere.

Use cases for Bing Chat Enterprise

  • When you need to quickly generate content such as blog posts, social media posts, summaries, reports, etc. Bing Chat Enterprise can help you write, rewrite, improve or optimise your content based on your goals and preferences.
  • When you need to analyse or compare data, such as sales figures, market trends, customer feedback, etc. Bing Chat Enterprise can help you find relevant data sources, perform calculations, create charts and graphs, and provide insights and recommendations.
  • When you need to learn new skills, such as project management, coding, design, etc. Bing Chat Enterprise can help you find the best resources, tutorials, courses, and tips to master the skills you want.
  • When you need to create images, such as logos, icons, illustrations, etc. Bing Chat Enterprise can help you draw or generate images based on your descriptions or requests. You can also modify or customise the images as you like.

These are just some of the situations where Bing Chat Enterprise can be useful to save time or inspire creativity – whilst knowing that organisational data is completely secure and private.

First Conversation about AI

Bing Chat Enterprise is a great way to start these first conversations with AI, as for many customers this will just be a free add-on with their current licensing.

Most businesses want to use AI to improve their organisational productivity and happiness – help them get started on the journey by using Bing Chat Enterprise. It will make future conversations much easier when it’s time to introduce Microsoft Copilot.

AI was front and centre for Microsoft Inspire this year, read our Microsoft Inspire 2023 blog to find out more about the investments, available incentives, and advances in the latest technologies announced during the event.

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