Vuzion Partner Agreement

View an example partner agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of becoming a Vuzion partner.


Vuzion Acceptable Use Policy

View Vuzion’s acceptable use policy which describes the proper and prohibited use of cloud solutions provided by Vuzion to the reseller.


Vuzion Service Level Agreement

This service level agreement applies to the services as defined in the Vuzion Partner Agreement.


Vuzion Support Guide

This document will provide you with the details of Vuzion’s service level targets and response times to support incidents raised, along with an escalation path.


Microsoft Attestation Guidance

To be able to provide Microsoft Cloud Agreement acceptance information to Microsoft, you will need access to the Vuzion Partner Portal. Follow this guide to ensure that you are correctly enrolled with Microsoft.


Microsoft Cloud Agreement

As a partner in Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme, you are responsible for reviewing this Microsoft Cloud Agreement with customers, which governs the acceptable use of Microsoft products and services.


Vuzion Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Our code of business conduct and ethics ensures that across the business we work to the highest standards of the transparency, honesty and integrity that our partners and customers have a right to expect.


Infinigate Group Supplier Code of Conduct

This Code of Practice supports the development of our supplier relationships by setting out certain standards that we expect all of the suppliers we work with to follow.


Infinigate Group Whistle Blowing policy

We encourage all our stakeholders to report any form of illegal, unethical, and fraudulent activity which my occur in our organization.

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