Michael Frisby - Senior Vice President Cloud Services

Award-winning cloud distributor and Microsoft Indirect Provider

At Infinigate Cloud we focus on accelerating your growth by delivering value-add secure cloud solutions.

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Our cloud heritage roots back to 1996

As a born-in-the-cloud distributor with a deep technical heritage, we deliver the very best in technical expertise and 24*7 support for you, our partners. In 2022 we became an expert business unit within the Infinigate Group specialising in secure cloud solutions.

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Whether you are looking to become a partner, or already working with us, our team is available always available to chat. Use the phone number below for all sales, support and billing enquiries.

+44 345 249 3303

We’ll spark your growth

At Infinigate Cloud we believe that value-add services are delivered by real people, supported by efficient systems. That is why every Infinigate Cloud Partner receives a named Account Manager, focused on your success.

Born in the cloud, before it was called the cloud, our heritage and experience alongside partner feedback and data insights shapes all elements of the value-add services we deliver through our partner programs CORE, EDGE, GROW and PRO.

Our portfolio of services brings together cloud, managed and professional services, and an ecosystem of partners selected to help spark your growth and keep your customers productive and secure.

Unparalleled Microsoft expertise

Infinigate Cloud has been a Microsoft Partner since 2000. Our network of relationships, combined with our understanding of the solutions, put us in a unique position to help you transform your business.

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World class partner support

The Infinigate Cloud technical support team is here for you 24*7, and our subject matter experts will help you inspire and guide your customers. We can even deliver solutions together if needed.

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Integrated provisioning & billing

Infinigate Cloud’s platforms are designed to save you time and money. Automated provisioning, end-customer billing, integration with your systems and full branding options available as standard.

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Learn with us & grow 60% faster

Our training and enablement program, EDGE, is an essential part of delivering cloud services successfully. Our EDGE courses ensure your team have the deep expertise needed for the solutions being delivered.

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We’re here for you

The Infinigate Cloud Partner Program has been designed based on partner feedback and with a clear focus on the critical elements that we know will enable you to build a market leading business. It is tailored to reward our partners as they grow, unlocking benefits that will support you at each phase of your growth journey and recognise your achievements.

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Chris Hoard - Partner Education Lead

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Use our automated sign-up to take the first steps in becoming an Infinigate Cloud Partner. Once the ‘paperwork’ is complete, our Partner Team will reach out to book a personalised onboarding call.

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We understand that choosing an Indirect Provider can be a big decision, let us help you make the right one… Talk to one of our team to find out how our partners grow 66% faster than the market average.

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